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Ultrasonic cleaning has been proven to be the most efficient method of removing contaminants--such as grease, oil, wax, fluxes, fingerprints, oxides and other deposits--from visible and invisible surfaces, holes and cracks. In general, if an item can be cleaned with liquid, it can be cleaned much faster and more thoroughly with an ultrasonic cleaner. In fact, it may not be possible to clean certain intricate and complex parts without the use of an ultrasonic cleaner.

Ultrasonic cleaners are widely used in a variety of cleaning applications, from cleaning jewelry, medical equipment to micro circuitry and spacecraft parts and assemblies. SonicWise serves the industry with a wide range of ultrasonic cleaners from tabletop models to custom designed, large capacity, multi-stage industrial ultrasonic cleaners.


  • Scientific Instruments
  • Electrical and electronic parts and assemblies
  • Surgical and dental instruments
  • Machined parts
  • Optical equipment
  • Jewelry, clocks and watches
  • Automotive and aerospace parts and assemblies
  • Plastic, ceramics, and metal parts and assemblies
  • Printed circuit boards
  • Printers and plotters print heads and assemblies
  • Fire restoration
  • Firearms

SonicWise  brings over a decade of experience to the manufacturing of high quality, ultrasonic cleaning systems and other related products.  We offer a wide spectrum of options in custom-designed systems, ranging from hundreds of gallons of capacity to multi-stage cleaners.  No matter what your cleaning application may be, we can help you choose an ultrasonic cleaner which fits your need for effective cleaning with ease of use and long lasting operation.


  • Stainless steel rust-proof enclosures
  • Seamless stainless steel tank (most models)
  • Self-tuning and reliable solid-state circuitry for uniform cleaning
  • Rugged and efficient lead zirconate titanate transducers
  • 115VAC 60Hz. (220VAC, 50Hz available).
  • 0-30 minute timer (other ranges available)
  • Digital temperature controller and temperature display
  • Sweep frequency on most models
  • Made in USA
  • Two year warranty on parts and labor

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In addition to our standard table-top sonic cleaners and industrial ultrasonic cleaners , we provide custom-designed systems to match your cleaning requirements.  Simply fill in our on-line
quotation form, and a speedy response will be sent to you with the specifications and cost on your sonic cleaner requirement.  If you are not sure of the dimensions or other criteria, just tell us the intended cleaning application(s) and we'll handle the rest.